GiGi is the ultimate system in Brazilian waxing. More beauty therapists around the world use GiGi wax than any other waxing product on the market. The well established range offers you high quality, effective wax, based on natural ingredients such as honey. GiGi is easy to use, safe and there is very little waste because it is completely stable and will not crystallise.

Being trained in Brazilian waxing enables you to charge a premium price for the waxing service in comparison to regular waxing. Also, you could gain new clients and be one step ahead of your competition by offering the latest trend in hair removal for both men and women.

What is covered?

Techniques for complete hair removal.
How and when each product is used.
The positioning of the body.
Client consultation.
Understanding of the hair growth cycle and skin structure.
Promotion and Marketing strategies.
Code of Practice for intimate body waxing.

Training courses are held in venues nationwide or alternatively we can bring the training to you at your salon!

Please contact Grafton International for further information on this Training Course -- 01827 280 080 or 0845 130 1511


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