ibd Sealants & Topcoats

Ultra Seal

A universal UV sealant to protect all Acrylics, Wraps and Gels. Creates an ultra tough, permanent, smooth, high-shine finish that never fades or dulls. Virtually eliminates buffing and reduces maintenance time.

Intense Seal

A "No Cleanse" UV sealer that can be used on Acrylics, Wraps and Gels, eliminates buffing and whitens and brightens French Manicures.

UV Jet Polish Dry Topcoat

A premier UV Topcoat for fastest dry time, longest durability and high-shine. Dries with any UV Lamp for a super-durable finish over natural nails, artificial nails and polish

Air Dry Topcoat

A fast Air Dry topcoat that leaves gel polish with a high gloss finish. Non yellowing and chip resistant.

Acrylic Bright

Protects artificial nails from UV. It enhances the brilliance bringing out the natural look of the nail, dries in less than 2 minutes to a high gloss finish that will not dull between maintenance. No staining, peeling or chipping.


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