ibd Adhesives

ibd 5 Second Glue sets extremely quickly and it has never been surpassed in quality by any other adhesive product available. It repairs and strengthens natural nails and is excellent for all artificial nails and tips.

There have been a number of developments with 5 second glue over the years to ensure that whatever you need, it's available in the quality you'd expect from ibd. Even so, the "traditional" no clogging 2 gram tube is still firmly the favourite among nail professionals.

5 second glue 2g tube
5 second ultra fast 2g tube
5 second glue 3g bottle
5 second gel glue 4g tube
5 second brush on glue 6g
Gel Resin 6g brush on
Brush on 5 Second Clear Filler Powder 4g



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