nailtiques Training Entry Level - Salon Entry Manicure or Pedicure course - 1 day

This course in either manicure or pedicure is designed for complete beginners with little or no knowledge of the natural nail as well as for nail technicians wishing to add natural nail care to their service menu. The course will set you on a path of learning, providing you with an understanding of all the therapy you will need to know and setting you apart as a true professional.

What is covered?
Anatomy and physiology.
Contra-indications and contra-actions.
Client consultation.
Health and safety.
Product knowledge.
Basic manicure or pedicure techniques.
Benefits of massage.
Polish application.
Aftercare, homecare and retail

Skill Level - Salon Skills Manicure and Pedicure course - 1 day NVQ

On this course your knowledge of the professional nail industry will be extended, as you will learn further methods, techniques and theory in order to carry out advanced treatments in manicure and pedicure. This will set you on a path of continuous learning and lead you towards your professional qualification - unit 9 of level 2 Beauty Therapy. Any student attending this course should be ready for the NVQ assessments for their next step.

What is covered?
Anatomy & physiology.
Health & safety review.
Massaging techniques.
Alternative treatments.
Perfecting polish application.
Timings of treatments.
Pricing structure.
Promoting your services.



Skill Level -nailtiques Specialist Post Graduate Course - 1 day

The nailtiques training is a post-graduate course and will introduce you to the best-selling professional prescriptive natural nail care system on the market. In-depth product knowledge, and a good understanding of how to use this hugely successful product range effectively, is the key to customer satisfaction. nailtiques will create excellent retail opportunities, making your profit potential enormous and will encourage your business to grow from strength to strength.

What is covered?
Product knowledge.
Natural nail analysis.
Times and prices.
Optional treatments.
Promoting and promotional items.
Retailing and selling techniques.
Practical manicure and pedicure skills.

Please contact Grafton International for further information on this Training Course - 01827 280 080 or 0845 130 1511



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