Badger Body Balms

Our Badger Body Balms can be used all over, ranging from relief for dry skin, sore muscles or to help get a restful nights sleep! Here is a selection of some of our most popular Badger Body Balms.

Badger Balm - Relief for Hard-working Hands

Badger Balm was the first natural product made by founder, 'Badger' Bill to cure his cracked carpenter's hands. The key ingredients are Organic Virgin Olive Oil and Beeswax, along with enzymes, E vitamins, and essential fatty acids, Badger Balm is the best stuff for your dry, rough skin all year round.


Badger Sleep Balm

Just rub a little on lips, temples, back of the neck or pulse points of the wrists. The combination of ingredients calms your mind and helps you to drift off a into restful nights sleep.


Badger Night Night Balm

Especially formulated for children, this wonderful balm contains a unique blend of ingredients to promote a feeling of safety and calm. Rub a little onto temples, neck, lips and wrists before bed.


Badger Muscle Rub

With the natural anti-inflammatory properties of Cayenne and Ginger, Badger Muscle Rub helps keep muscles and joints warm and loose, great for use prior to physical exercise.


Badger Foot Balm

Good stuff for tired, rough and weary feet. The oils and waxes in this balm are wonderful for dry and really rough feet. The end result: Smooth, healthy and refreshed feet that anyone would be proud of.


Badger Cuticle Care Balm

A hard-working balm for your hard-working hands and nails. Fragrant rosemary increases circulation at the nail bed, encouraging strong, healthy nail growth, whilst shea butter, castor and olive oils soothe red, dry, or irritated cuticles.


Badger Aromatic Chest Rub

A natural, herbal preparation. Badger's soothing Aromatic Chest Rub works by supporting your body's natural ability to heal itself. Using essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree, and rosemary, these traditional remedies have been used to treat upper respiratory conditions for years.


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