EzFlow® Best Sellers

EzFlow has become known as a competition brand winning many domestic and international competitions and the EzFlow educators are known worldwide as leaders in the industry. Designed for today's nail techs, the high quality of our wide selection of products offer the foundation for artistic expression and business success.

A Polymer

A Polymer is specially formulated to create long lasting, durable nails. Medium set time gives you time to perfect your shape. Pure, non-fade consistent colour is fast drying to give smooth texture with no bubbles.


Q Monomer

Q Monomer's innovative formula includes Colour Stabilizers to prevent yellowing and Plasticizers that protect nails from breakage. Q Monomer omits 40% less odour for a safe salon environment. Works in perfect harmony with all EzFlow acrylic powders.


Grand Artist Oval 508 with Brush Cover

This brush has a large belly, perfect for adding liquid into the working product. This universal brush with crisp point offers precision and control. The must have tool for acrylic techs.



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